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Government is rather straightforward. The three main cities of Vikhafen, Leifheim, and Skulhøy each have their own Tain - you may recognize it from the word 'captain' - which governs their own city. However in Vikhafen rules the Tain of Erik Haldar, who oversees the land and its protection and political interests. He is — with the unspoken consent of the other Tain - the ruler of Taingaard. However, he does not use this to enforce rules upon the other cities and Tains under normal circumstances.

Generally About Taingaard
by Taingaard
Aug 3, 2018 14:01:39 GMT -8
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Tawakoshi is a feudal nation, with the Emperor speaking above all for his loyal subjects and as a medium to the very spirits. Most that wish to speak with the one in charge are presented before the Emperor in the presence of the Shogun - the warlord of the province. Most words exchanged and proclamations proposed are presented to the Emperor, while the Shogun has the final call and documents everything - unbeknownst to all but very few. One speaks with the figurehead, and the true leader observes, supported by the Daimyos that oversee the separate provinces beneath them.

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Magic in Quying
by City of Quying
Jun 5, 2018 4:21:23 GMT -8
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The Isran Empire, with its capital in The Free City, unites several territories under the mantle of one common government dedicated to the protection, prosperity, and perpetuation of its citizenry.

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The East Isran Trading Company
by East Isran Trading Company
Oct 13, 2018 0:32:13 GMT -8
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