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Quying Province

The Province of Quying is a prosperous and populated segment of Tawakoshi. Quying thrives along the coast of Jeoncho, the fertile land fed by an assortment of small rivers and the populous and flourishing wildlife that accompanies a mild climate and a massive sheltered bay. The bay is home to the capital of Quying Province, the City of Quying, from whence the Province gains its name. Much of both the province's and the city's wealth comes from trade along the coast, and, more recently, with foreign nations. The area is far more used to, and welcoming of, foreigners than the rest of the land and rumors abound of the influence such repeated interactions have on the policies and decisions of the Daimyo of Quying Province.
You can find information about Quying here.

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[Checkpoint 1] Yamato Castle
by Xyrix
Jun 16, 2019 13:26:11 GMT -8
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The harshest of the Tawakoshi territories, Tokhung is dominated by the rugged mountains to the North, where if they are not covered in frozen winter, then they are made ominous by heavy veils of shifting mist. The South is marginally "easier" to live in, with "gentler" mountain trails, rivers, and rolling hills. Food is barely farmed but hunted or fished, the Black Pine provides an unforgiving lumber source, but the mountains and hills themselves are rich and plentiful in ores and semi-to-precious stones where mines also serve as prison camps for the rest of Tawakoshi.

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Gangshu Fortress - CHECKPOINT
by Clan Yukimoto
Jun 17, 2019 18:42:30 GMT -8
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Kiyonai Province

The lands of northeastern Jeoncho are breathtaking, consisting of plains and rice paddies nestled between steep mountains to the north and south and dense woods to the east. Controlled by the loyal Hizashi Clan, this province is home to the infamous Imperial Reisui Prison and has port access to the Great Divide.

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Chénmò de dīyǔ ( Tea House )
by Xyrix
Jun 17, 2019 2:50:10 GMT -8
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Central Jeoncho

The heart of Tawakoshi and the Jeoncho mainland, the territory is mostly vast, fertile plains perfect for great spans of farmlands to yield bountiful crops. The empty plains are rich and green, and seemingly roll on endlessly. A vast expanse of forest runs through the center mostly away from the sea, and is part of a dividing line in territory division for the cities - and ripe with game. The coast is temperate, and well for fishing - even with the standing guard towers in the water.

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A small make-do border control
by Grandma
Jun 17, 2019 15:48:28 GMT -8
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Sarisu Island

The quaint island province off the southwest coast of Jeoncho, partially walled along most of the west and south side by rugged mountains that descend into the bay off the land. Within the stone giants lie a number of caverns and tunnels rich with ore, making this small place quite valuable in ore exports provided for the kingdom as a whole.

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Isho City: Ruins
by Thugs and thieves
Apr 16, 2018 13:04:08 GMT -8


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