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The spiritual home of Taingaard where the first people settled and made it their home. Here the most hardy and skillful warriors live and the grass plains and forests are the most lush and giving in all of Taingaard and the general landscape between Leifheim and Brynjefors is nothing short of breathtaking. Leifheim is also home to the Runeforges, where clever druids forge powerful magical runes into metal and wood to strengthen it and enhance their properties.

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Vanskaar Mead hall
by Khepri
Jan 19, 2019 17:52:21 GMT -8
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The mines close to Skulhøy have proved invaluable for the rest of Taingaard and the Skulfolk excel in digging up gold, iron, jewels, gems and even rarer sorts of metal like mithril are to be found. The Skul are very accommodating towards anyone with a friendly face and will love to tell you a story or two (or three...) over a pint. Although being dishonest is a great sin in all of Taingaard, perhaps the to the Skul this is the greatest of all, and being forced to labor in their mines for a long time can be the consequence of thieving and the likes.

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Old Mountain Pass
by Elizabeth Finch
Jan 22, 2019 5:10:27 GMT -8
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The Vikhafen Plains are the territory of the capital of Vikhafen. While this area has more grass plains than the Free Expanse of Leiheim, it is still abundant with game. The plains here also contain the city of Svarthafen, the area of Østfold, and the dreaded swamp Vildmose.

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Mistylight Swamp
by Rune Naimon IV
Jan 21, 2019 9:25:45 GMT -8


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