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Open Lands

All land that is beyond the borders of anyone's control. An infinite, open parchment for your creations and ideas. Explore places outside the bounds of civilization, or experiment and create without limits to your imagination.

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The Crimson Ascend
by Vithkun Almear
Mar 24, 2019 13:17:29 GMT -8
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Open Seas
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The vast open waters, far from land, wherever that may be. Theoretically infinite and surrounds all known land. Scenes involving deep sea travel, remote islands, and other ocean settings can be written here.

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[Edan] The Storm’s Eye
by Ixdraynael, The Endless Storm
Mar 25, 2019 8:47:16 GMT -8
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Taingaard is the land of Norse mythology, fair and brave people and an even fairer land. Shamans, druids and proud warriors blend with traders, adventurers, and the common folk to populate the country which was once conquered when the vile beasts were driven out. Today Taingaard bids welcome anyone who calls themselves "friend," and most people would love to hear and tell tales over a pint and a stew, and won't be scared to venture out and see the tale is true.
You can find information about Taingaard here.

Sub-boards: Free Expanse of Leifheim, Skulhøy Region, Vikhafen Plains

Old Mountain Pass
by Isgerd
Mar 5, 2019 13:09:48 GMT -8
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Self-proclaimed Land of the Rising Sun - a northeastern continent with a sense of prosperity and spirituality, but not without a sense of humility. The land is broken into three parts, with a small neighboring island in the southwest corner, the main body centered in the most populated regions, and the rugged and uninviting stretch of land to the north and northeast. The range of mountains seems to start at the very mouth of the Great Divide River to the east, ringing well around the entire continent and preventing sea travel to the west - finally stopping to hug the smaller island to the southwest.
You can find information on The Feudal State of Tawakoshi here.

Sub-boards: Quying Province, Tokhung, Kiyonai Province, Central Jeoncho, Sarisu Island

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Northern Mountains
by Xar Greypetal
Mar 25, 2019 11:39:08 GMT -8
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The Isran Empire

The lands belonging to The Isran Empire are varied and noncontiguous, much like its residents, and include but are not limited to the mysterious Norkari Mountains, the idyllic Free Plains, and the sprawling expanse of dunes known as the Sorala Desert.
You can find information on The Isran Empire here.

Sub-boards: The Free Plains of Isra, The Winterlands, The Land-Tiller's Expanse

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The Moonlight Eclipse
by Keph
Mar 24, 2019 20:36:01 GMT -8
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Nation of Esdara

Located high above the mountains on the southeast side of the continent, Esdara is a nation formed of several floating islands, consistently wreathed by light cloud cover. A land of both winged people and winged creatures, it is ruled by the High Priest and High Priestess of Esdar the Winged God of the Winds and Skies, and the Council of Winds. Long hidden from the world below by their God’s sheltering hand, Esdara has recently reemerged into the world as a whole.
You can find information on The Church of Esdar here.

Sub-boards: The Shaded Valley , The Island of Esdara

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Cyrili, the Farming Hamlet
by Feanor Vala
Mar 25, 2019 5:45:58 GMT -8
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Strewn across the frigid steppes of Toragana are countless nomadic tribes, all fighting in a war for territory and power. They are as abundant as they are diverse, ranging from bellicose giants to stalwart valley-dwellers, either hoarding or pillaging for precious commodities. Ore, medicinal herbs, spices, textiles, and grazing lands are but a few things that can be found in the fertile lands that lie just beyond the snowy peaks.
You can find information on Toragana here.

[Giant's Hand] The Balcony
by Nestor Mathieu
Mar 4, 2019 16:40:45 GMT -8