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Located at the North Pole, Ískaldur is the land of ice and snow, completely devoid of life. The sun stays in the sky for half the year, illuminating the land a stark white, and once it sets for the other half, the sky is illuminated by the northern lights. The oceans surrounding the icy continent are plagued by monsters and icebergs, both of which can prove troublesome for ships should they try to reach the barren continent.
You can find information on Ískaldur here.

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The Burning Blade
by Gilan Aubrey
Jul 11, 2018 20:05:34 GMT -8
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The small neighbor of Tawakoshi, sitting about a five day’s sail to the north of the larger land of origin. The island is home to a large mountain range, said to be an extension of the range from the southern neighbor once upon a time, and vast, sprawling miles of rich land save for a dense and damp bogland to the northeast and a rocky, relatively barren and tiny island to the south. Forests dot the landscape, varying types by climate. The island is home to and law-abiding and the lawless, as well as plenty of rumor and superstition in what is unknown or uncharted.
You can find information on Dongshu here.

Sub-boards: Tengoku no Tochi, Chi no Tochi, Huigye Mountains

Yuequi Library
by Vidkun Wewelsberg
Aug 26, 2018 17:53:29 GMT -8
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The Aozora faction holds control of the southern territory of the continent ranging from forest in the north to valleys and dry plains in the south all the way to the ocean. The dangerous frontier of Aozora has become a proving ground for aspiring heroes. Monsters roam the land, spawned from the magically unstable World Scar in the southeast.
You can find information on Aozora here.

Sub-boards: Itami-cho, Fletcher

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Aozora Meeting Hall
by Queen Audrey I von Audria
Jun 25, 2018 12:37:37 GMT -8
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The Black Vale

The Black Vale is a massive valley in the west of a region called Asgeir. A cold, yet fertile land, it is covered by few major cities, but many small towns and villages. The land and people have flourished under the watchful eye of the Von Haren bloodline, and it shows.
You can find information on the Black Vale here.

Sub-boards: Castle Harenhall, Greenvale, The Ruins of Castle Black, Valkarin, Finnmark

[Post here first!] Southern Mountain pass.
by Queen Audrey I von Audria
Jun 30, 2018 16:10:34 GMT -8
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Tir la Morr

Tir la Morr the home of the Fae, once a wild place it has been conquered, molded into a monarchy under the rule of the Gold Court. It has diverse terrain from the frigid lands to the north to the temperate forests of the south.
You can find information about Tir la Morr here.

Sub-boards: The Unseelie Region, The Court of Gold, The Seelie Region

[Winter] The Howling Fields
by House of Winter
Apr 26, 2018 14:47:06 GMT -8
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Located far to the north of other lands previously known, Morgdul is home to pine forests and rocky mountains, much of it uncleared. Three thousand years ago, this land was home to a fierce empire belonging to a brilliant man. With that young man's death, the Dominion of Morgdul was left to ruin... until now. A few small settlements exist within the reborn dominion's borders, promising new life to those who practice magic and are misunderstood for it.
You can find information on Morgdul here.

Sub-boards: Kormdul, Varnkorm

Streets and Alleys of Varnkorm
by Morgdul
Mar 28, 2018 22:26:49 GMT -8
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The Sorala Desert

The Sorala Desert lies south of Medan and consists of largely uninhabited and inhospitable wasteland, but a jewel of civilization, a city called Sakand, exists here.
You can find information about Sakand here.

Moved: The Open Desert
by Bucky
Apr 15, 2018 20:55:21 GMT -8
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The name of the north, northeastern section of the mountain range that encloses most of Tawakoshi - derived from the notorious Oni Mountain that painted its nearby earth black from past eruptions.

Oni Mountain
by xiangyuan
Nov 14, 2016 9:41:00 GMT -8
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The First Annual Yuletide Celebration

The Isran celebration of Yuletide has begun! An ancient tradition of much drinking, merrymaking, gift-giving, and much festivity, Yuletide is once again being celebrated in Isra. Mandatory drinking quotas MUST be filled.

Moved: Central Plaza
by Bucky
Jan 7, 2018 14:05:27 GMT -8
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A small but heavily fortified castle town situated upon a little hill. A thin river meanders through the hills and cuts through the town, flowing through giant metal grates beneath city walls and under stone bridges.

Sub-board: Castle Lumbek

Prisoner Tower
by haughty
Nov 15, 2016 6:45:04 GMT -8
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The Nation of Lhesa

Located in the warm southern seas, Lhesa is the largest island of a near-tropical archipelago. The volcanic mountains that formed the islands have long-since gone dormant, but have left the terrain in many places craggy and broken with cliffs and ravines. Once settled, the islands are now mostly dense jungles scattered with ruins of ancient settlements.
You can find information on The Nation of Lhesa here.

Sub-boards: Wilds of Lhesa, City of Lhesa

Lhesa Docks [Post Here First]
by Valisaria
Sept 14, 2017 9:21:30 GMT -8
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City of Music, City of Magic. An exotic, enchanted city, watched over by the great tower Tallak ka Ara, which has a shining blue orb hovering atop it. Water flows freely through channels and cascading down tiers of the city in waterfalls. At night, the city glimmers with the colors of magical lighting.

Sub-board: Palace of the Sapphire Oasis

[Post here first!] The Harbor
by Rooibos
Nov 5, 2017 13:43:28 GMT -8
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Venland is a large nation, to the far northwest. The land is divided into two parts: the frigid wilderness of Norland to the north and the vast plains and woodlands of Midland to the south. The two lands are joined by a myriad of fjords, rivers, and lakes, and are dominated by mountainous borders to the north, east, and south. It is surrounded by cold seas along its northern, southern, and eastern border.
You can find information on Venland here.

Sub-boards: Virengard, Ostirreiff, Heifrel, The Reinburgh Mountains

[Post Here First] Reinburgh Fjord Pass
by Madelena Winterscar
Sept 13, 2017 0:03:46 GMT -8
No New Posts The Isle of Ulvrive

The ancient homeland of the Volknir. The unique island is the caldera of a massive extinct volcano surrounded by a wall of aged mountains and steep cliffs. The only breach in the mountains, a grand channel with a great depth, is a likely the result of the ancient volcano's last eruption and forms the primary entrance into the island.

Sub-boards: Ulvjord Walled District, Ulvjord Trade District

The Spoils of War
by The White Wolf
Oct 2, 2017 13:28:05 GMT -8
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A southern peninsula that consists of forests, fields, foothills, and marshes in the northeast. The Northwest is forests and small mountains that distinguish borders, and the entire southern half a tropical paradise. On maps and for political reasons, it is part of Aozora, but Fadirsland takes no command from any distant government. Magic is extremely unwelcome in Fadirsland, to the point of death on sight.

Vimur River
by Hela
Mar 17, 2017 21:02:15 GMT -8
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The Duchy of Meridian

The Duchy of Meridian consists of primarily green hills and forests. It's a vast region cradling the cities of the nation's heartland and is encapsulated in dense forests and Misty Woods. A coastline runs along the west.
You can find information about The Duchy of Meridian here.

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[Post here first!] The Coastline
by Julia Rafine
May 27, 2017 8:10:11 GMT -8
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The Kingdom of Gauldin

An ancient monarchy that has lasted through the ages. Like most, it began as fiefs ruled by whoever was the strongest and most capable leader and quickly grew into a feudal system of a king, his lords, their vassals, and their people. Gauldin is a kingdom built on magic and a rare crystal ore known as cieltherium which is found almost exclusively in its borders. Cieltherium holds a charge of magic far longer than almost any other ore and is used to power various wonders rarely seen in other parts of the world.
You can find information on The Kingdom of Gauldin here.

Sub-boards: The Bay of Gauldin, The Duchy of Arcoux

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Kuro vs. Raoul (Round 1, Full Contact)
by Kuro Issen
Jul 9, 2017 9:46:52 GMT -8
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The Vessian Empire

Established over a thousand years ago, the Divine Empire of Vessia is a collection of smaller sovereign nations whose kings and princes elect an Emperor to rule on their behalf. Because of this, the Empire is a cultural melting pot that can lead to alliances and scandals within its varied borders. As the Empire grows, so too do its borders, and in the East, Vessia faces resistance in the Barbarian Hordes who challenge the Emperor's power. Vessia is located an ocean away, connected only by an unusual and long land bridge to the main continent of the Overworld. Its land is blessed with mild continental climates, temperate forests, rolling hills, and thousands of rivers, creeks, and lakes.
You can find information on The Vessian Empire here.

Sub-boards: Ostfront: The Amber Coast, Swavia, Romulburg, Augustgrad

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Cerienburg Castle
by Lady Cerridwyn Rouvière
Jul 9, 2017 8:43:43 GMT -8
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First Annual Prospernalia Festival Grounds

At the beginning of every new year as determined by the stars, Isra indulges in a festival known as Prospernalia. It celebrates the new year, the coming of spring, nature, and fertility. Though celebrations do take place within the city, festival grounds have been established to the east, and it is here that Prospernalia truly takes place.

Sub-board: The Premiere Isran Triathlon

Triathlon — Archery Competition
by Dirk Smithson
Sept 17, 2018 23:13:50 GMT -8
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A prosperous city on the eastern coast of Gauldin. Almost all of the sea trade in the country goes through here. It's a city of sailors and merchants, thieves and thugs - the city almost literally split down the center in an ever-going war between the defending military of Bayonne, and the underhanded scourge of the underbelly. Despite this power struggle, less fortunate people of Gauldin looking to improve their lot in life often wind up here - either building their fortunes honorably or stooping to that of the vagabonds.

Chateau Delecroix
by Belle Delacroix
Nov 1, 2016 18:42:26 GMT -8
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The heart of the Gauldin military is a city that is in love with the sky. The city is constantly abuzz with activity from: the airship yards, to the Académie Royale de le Pégase, to the barracks, to the open air markets. The majority of the Cieltherium processed by the mages in Travére is shipped to this city and they put it to good use. Air ships dot the skyline, as well as mounted Pegasus knights constantly on patrol.

The Main Gate [Post here first.]
by Jarkoopi, Kepesk Altiui
Dec 7, 2016 16:19:03 GMT -8
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Carmela Island

A warm, tropical island off the western coast of the mainland. Carmela Island a popular vacation destination for the well-off. Most of the pineapples and coconuts shipped out to the rest of the world are grown here. Carmela has been annexed by the Kingdom of Gauldin.

La Casa Mágica
by Duke Nicolas Soult
Oct 11, 2016 5:50:24 GMT -8
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The Kingdom of Alban

The continent of Alban is split into four primary regions: the Wyld, the Hills, the Moors, and the Coast. The Wyld is a massive forest that dominates the heart of the landmass. The Hills are a mountainous and rocky regions running up the center and northern parts. The Moors are a massive swaths of grassland on the southern end of the island. The Coast is the rocky beaches edging the perimeter of the continent. Each region is dominated by one of the four races native to Alban: Fae, Dwarf, Wilding, and Human.
You can find information on The Kingdom of Alban here.

Sub-boards: The Coast, The Hills, The Wyld, The Moors

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Beggar's Landing.
by Leviath Bahat
Apr 29, 2017 18:16:13 GMT -8
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The Steelscape

A sprawling underground city whose population is mostly monsters and other inhuman creatures, The Steelscape is a haven for creatures who aren’t regularly accepted in the overworld. Controlled by Equinox Industries, The Steelscape is protected by company security and a variety of inbuilt defenses. Despite this security force, the actual laws in The Steelscape are rather loose. The economy of the city is driven primarily by mining, sale of drugs and potions that would be illegal elsewhere, and body enhancements performed by various labs.

Sub-board: The Sorrowful Spire

Equinox Industries Headquarters
by akos
Oct 29, 2016 18:24:12 GMT -8
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An island of its own shrouded in mist to hide the blood. The place is split into two parts by the geography, a mass of forests and a main river acting as the border between the bandit port and the endless night of the north - not to mention the extensive mountain range to the northeast that runs through both territories. Despite the cooler climate in general, the south sees daylight and plenty of it. The north hasn’t seen a ray of sunshine in decades.
You can find information on The Helmfirth Aristocracy here.

Sub-boards: Stathmore, Erstonia

Balerno Dark Ridge
by Inquisitor Ulrich Lachrimosan
Jul 24, 2018 16:32:02 GMT -8
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Goraia, led by Empress Jill, is a transformation of what was once known as Medan, the land's first known living civilization. Goraia's borders are very tightly guarded, but passage is now possible due to the lifting of martial law.
You can find information on Goraia here.

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The Norkari Mountains

Lying on the western and northern edges of The Free Plains, this mountain range is unexplored and serene - from the outside. Within, however, those who have been hidden are now stepping into the light to fight against their aggressors.

The Valley Lake.
by Thaelyn Mortris
Sept 19, 2016 10:17:36 GMT -8
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The Duchy of Audria

A vast frontier lying between the Free Plains and Aaedan, steeped in darkness and folklore. Although inhabited by pagan warrior-tribes, these forests have been claimed by the ambitious Brothers of the Sword, who have already laid the foundations of their first city, Salem, in the west. Driven by a desire to purge the land of evil, the relentless Knights of the Black Cross look eastward, to an untamed frontier known as the Eastern March, where their crusade can continue unfettered.

Sub-boards: The Eastern March, Salem

Abandoned Mine
by Brother Volquin
Oct 16, 2016 12:03:35 GMT -8
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Asgeir is the homeland of the Varan, a clannistic warrior-folk who were brought to near-extinction during the Cataclysm. They reclaimed their homeland during the Heroic Age, which culminated in the creation of the Kingdom of Asgeir. Varan are tough, hardworking laborers who value family, loyalty and honor. They boast some of the greatest warriors in the Overworld, with many becoming sellswords. Roaming Varan Warbands are small, but highly sought after by kings, queens, and lords for their brutal efficiency and undying loyalty. King Borg III is the latest of the High Kings, and seeks to ensure a brighter future for Asgeir, and all Varan worldwide.
You can find information on Asgeir here.

Sub-boards: Valland, Stormhold

Northern Docks - Post Here First
by Princess Ashley
Jul 24, 2016 16:09:17 GMT -8
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The Rat's Den

A vagabonds paradise - miles of tunnels and streets that carve out the earth far beneath Bayonne, with very, very few entrance and exit points to help keep soldier interference and appearance to a bare minimum if not completely gone. And yet, it gives off a vibe of a city all of its own. The lengths of "road" shift from stoned tunnel walls to rugged rocks and dirt, and are usually lined with a number of lounging thugs and beggars, while certain streets are packed with market stalls and vendors selling odd wares or services. If this wasn't enough, even small establishments and homes are crudely built into the walls or even small buildings erect to serve whatever the purpose - A business. A home. A warehouse. Who knows? There is much here in the Rat's Den.

Scummer City - Streets and Allies
by Lutin Cartel
Aug 17, 2016 15:19:50 GMT -8
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Belrow is the kingdom of the dead, a nation slowly returning from the dusty sands of the Silent Desert. Its people, husks of bone and dried flesh, all live in the sole black stone city at the heart of the desert. KalKador, the city of the cursed. Many more cities lie deep beneath the sands, waiting to be awoken once more.
You can find information on Belrow here.

Sub-boards: The Silent Desert, Kalkador

The Great Library of Kalkador
by Malagus
Jun 20, 2016 22:07:04 GMT -8
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The Kingdom of Frostborne

The Kingdom of Frostborne has grown from the power of the Frost Queen, a beautiful fae creature surrounded in winter and mystery. The Kingdom has sprouted from where the Frost Queen makes her seat at the White Mountain, and are lands of eternal winter, beautiful and deadly all at once. The terrain is comprised mostly of snowy rolling hills, frosted dark woods, and thick, ice-choked rivers and lakes.
You can find information on Frostborne here.

Sub-boards: The North, The East, The West, The South

Peregrine Ranger Headquarters
by huntsmanofice
Jun 15, 2016 14:32:24 GMT -8
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The Kingdom of Aaedan

The Kingdom of Aaedan lies South-east of the Phoenix State and almost directly east of the Free City. While it is a city-state, a militaristic culture has allowed its single city to control large swath of territory. The Kingdom of Aaedan was founded just after the cataclysm by barbarians fleeing their own kind in the east. They have stayed to themselves only rumors of their lands reaching the Free City through the occasional Aaedanian trader. Now their king has decided to bring their might out of the shadows.
You can find information on Aaedan here.

Sub-board: The White City

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The White City's Funeral
by Lady Nyx "The Kingslayer" Mann
Jun 18, 2016 18:02:35 GMT -8
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Dolburimm itself is sheltered in a large cliff side cove which offers limited protection from the harsh weather that plagues the land. More often than not the sky above Dolburimm is darkened with plump clouds and showered in seemingly perpetual rain. Surrounding the city is a dense and thick forest, one wrought with many fantastical and deadly creatures.

Sub-board: The City of Dolburimm

Hall of Thanes
by rigger
May 16, 2016 12:32:23 GMT -8
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Republic of Atlanticus

A new frontier. After having recently severed ties with the Phoenix Imperium, the economy of Atlanticus has soared. Trade and tourism are the country's primary sources of revenue, as Carmela Island is arguably one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. It is primarily flat and completely bordered by the ocean of its west coast. The Phoenix State is its complete Easter border and the Norkari Mountains are its southern border.
You can find information on the Republic of Atlanticus here.

Sub-boards: Beldaire Island, Ozmodias, Esphiridon, Gaiaton

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Atlantian Ocean
by [Phoenix] Zaltos Kiraxo
May 14, 2016 11:56:24 GMT -8
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The Phoenix State

An ancient civilization with a dedication to science and military that revealed itself shortly after the Kingdom of Medan was formed. The Phoenix State is broke into two parts, the Gate of the Valheecius Desert, and the Valheecius Desert itself.

You can find information on the Phoenix State here.

Sub-boards: Greyhaven, Estherol City, Vauc Berheemius, Phoenix State Marine Force Capital Base, The Black Lion Tribe, Phoenix, Flo'Liare

(Eastern Border!) Seawalls of Greyhaven
by Land Tillers' State
Feb 25, 2016 17:33:41 GMT -8
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Island-bound and isolated by the Misty Seas, Katashima is a nation of a unique culture. Few can make it to or from the island of Katashima, provided they know it exists. Players must post first in the Misty Seas thread before traveling to this location.
You can find information on Katashima here.

Sub-boards: Yanata Province, Shiniga Province, Mitzushima Prefecture, Toku Province, Owaru Province, Uesung Province

Toku Countryside
by Lord Genji
Feb 5, 2016 9:15:44 GMT -8
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The land is desolate and long abandoned by the civilizations that used inhabit the area. Jagged mountains form a natural defense against intruders, leaving only narrow pathways for invading parties. Something stirred under the mountain, something was waking up from a long sleep.
You can find information on Gomrâth here.

Sub-boards: Nâshagrar, The Black City

Pass to Arnhem [Eastern Border/Post here first]
by imperatoretcarnifex
Dec 8, 2015 16:36:04 GMT -8
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The Kingdom of Perimoore

The Kingdom on Perimoore is small, quaint country drawing it’s strengths from the land within its borders and the mysterious gem-like mineral which runs through the stone. The people of Perimoore are simply folk; many are farmers or craftsmen and live long peaceful lives on the lush green plains of this budding empire. The Stoutcrest family have ruled Perimoore for over two hundred years leading it out of the great famine of the cataclysm which decimated the once much larger population.
You can find information on Perimoore here.

Sub-boards: Stonefall, Brookshire, Fort Stormshield, Perimoore City

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Lost Worlds

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